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The motorcycle JPMoto & Ricky Cardus is using this season is the SuterMMX2 chassis from Suter Racing Technology in Switzerland.

In Moto2™ the chassis design must be a prototype with no production parts used. This means that teams use custom built race chassis and JPMoto consider Suter to be the best and most advanced in this field.

Chassis design, suspension and tyre management are key to the success of teams particularly in Moto2™ because engine, tyres and electronics are all standardised.

The JPMoto Team contracts Suter engineers to constantly develop the performance of the chassis.

Our race bike is at the pinnacle of Moto2™ racing technology, thanks to Suter and a host of technical partners.

Machine Spec

Engine: Honda
Displacement: 599cc
Maximum Power: 130+ps
Fuel Delivery/Supply: Injection
Transmission: 6 speed
Fuel Tank: Aluminium
Exhaust: SC Project Moto2 Titanium
Chassis: Suter MMX2
Aerodynamics: Suter
Front Suspension:
Rear Shock:
Wheels: OZ Racing
Tyres: Dunlop
Brakes: Brembo & Accossato
Chain: RK Chains
Weight: 215 incl rider