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Every team, and every rider fights for a dream.

One dream of the Team JPMoto Racing is to do Malaysia proud by competing against the world best with ASEAN's best rider!

Our rider Ricky Cardus is no exception! He dreamt of returning to Moto2™ and we helped make his dream a reality. Now he’s FIRED UP, DRIVEN and his NEW dream is to make it into MotoGP™.

As with any sporting team, it needs support, be it in the form of technical support, financial support, or moral support. We now have the Technical support, thanks to our technical partners who are ranked among the best in the world. And though money is never enough, we are already in a financial position where we can compete effectively at the relatively level playing field in Moto2™.

Now we need your moral support! We need you to push us harder on track. We want you to be a part of this, and a part of our Dream Team!

Let us achieve this dream together as the ASEAN! Let us show the world what ASEAN can do together!

Be a part of our team, and these benefits await you:

Be a part of this exciting unique and first-in-the-world approach where as a team member, you can be the 1st to access information exclusive to just the team! Why stop at information? We also provides you a chance of a lifetime to have your name printed on the race bike’s visor* and be seen in the TV broadcasting to the world, as a way to appreciate your support to us! Have an opportunity to join the exclusive Fan Area stand during the Sepang Round on 25th October, and feel the unique experience and camaraderie to root for us and Ricky.
Have a chance to win lucky draw prizes for every race round, including a chance to be the grand prize winner where you will join us the team during the Australian Grand Prix on 25th October* Get Special Promo deal monthly for Merchandise, exclusively for Dream Team members only! As our team, you are provided with our JPMoto OneXOX simcard which provides the best value for money call and data services to you!

Click here to become a member.

*Subject to terms & conditions.